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people are bags of water is one
Published on May 17, 2011 By Uvah In Personal Computing

Sorry about the really long url but I don't know how to shorten it.

The article it links to points out six things you can do to improve your wifi connection up to and including security. It also (laughs a little) says people or rather the human body because it is made up of mostly water anyway can interfere if too many gather in one place at a time. I thought it worth the read.

on May 17, 2011

You can always use bit.ly to shorten you urls like this: http://yhoo.it/k3yrqe

It's the same link as yours only shorter.

The article is pretty good. I do want to upgrade to a dual band one of these days. But I wonder, besides the not so used part of the 5 Ghz network, what else is good about it? Just wondering.