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MS does have its problems...he he
Published on November 3, 2016 By Uvah In Everything Else

I couldn't help it. LMAO

on Nov 03, 2016

Well, total junk is total junk Ross, and completely not fixable. 

on Nov 03, 2016

Personally, I think MS is losing more than just browser users, given how many who people told me they were jumping ship to go with Linux after the Win 10 debacle.  Many only had Win 8/8.1 to go back to, though most weren't willing to, with the general feeling was that Linux was the better option.

As for Edge in Windows 10, what a pig... in more ways than one.   I never liked it from word go, and being that MS desired it to be the default browser, I had all sorts of problems trying to set Firefox as my default.... must've done it more than a dozen times before I got it to stick.  Firefox would remain the default for just a short while, with the default being reset to Edge after Firefox closing and/or every reboot.   The way I got it to eventually stick was to set IE as the default first, then change it to Firefox after the next reboot

I just wish there were a viable OS like there is with browsers, then perhaps Microsoft would not treat its customers/users with the contempt disdain and disrespect it does.  I know that I'd like to use an alternative OS if one were viable and had the support of the major developers.  Yes, I have an Apple MacMini with OS-X, but that's not an alternative but an as well as.  OS-x has some good features but it's not a Windows replacement, especially with its built-in browser, Safari, being another pig I refuse to use.

BTW, I got out my MacMini yesterday, after almost a year with it packed away in storage.  Over the next few days I intend to put pretty much all else aside to set up my man cave and computers the way I want.  It has been a while coming because there has been so many other priorities and distractions - and then the vertigo hasn't been at all kind to me of late, either. - but it feels like that has eased considerably, and that finally I may have a go this time and get there.

As fer jumpin' ship, I says we give 'em tha cat-o-nine an' make tha blaggards walk tha plank.  AARRGGHHHHH!!!!!!