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I run MalwareBytes every other day. Today I updated the data-base then ran the scan. When the scan finished MB said it found 705 pups, potentially unwanted programs, 705! Go to details and every file, registry entry, folder etc. that was Advanced System Care had been quarantined! HUH!! Say what!

I ran MB day before yesterday and it did not touch ASC. Now all of a sudden its on MB's hit list. Now I have to reinstall ASC and wonder...if I run MB again will it do the same thing? Suggestions... 

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on Mar 21, 2017


The OP's problem of the quarantined ASC was easily avoided.

I have to agree. Had I white listed ASC to begin with there would not have been a problem.

on Mar 21, 2017

Malwarebytes "free" is one of the lead programs used on trojanboard.
It is and has been one of the top programs over the years and still is.
When Bitdefender, Kaspersky and alike fail...
Nothing else to say...

on Mar 25, 2017

Hi folks.  I haven't posted here in awhile but when I was having a conversation with a fellow community member he pointed me to this thread.  I also have just updated to the new version 3 of Malwarebytes and I ran into the ASC PUP problem.  I sent emails to both hoping to get a solution to it.  

I received a quick response back from Malwarebytes saying "We are currently experiencing delays in email responses due to high volume.", under the circumstances I took this to mean Oops, we have a problem.  I also received an email from IObit which was a bit more informative.  The provided a link to The WindowsClub forum which proved interesting.   http://www.thewindowsclub.com/malwarebytes-potentially-unwanted-program

It appears that Malwarebytes has taken a more stronger position as to it's rules on what gets identified as a PUP.

Hope everyone is doing okay.  

on Mar 25, 2017

Well thanks for the link.   Amazing how so many people miss the need to set MWB to warn user on PUP detection instead of setting it to treat PUPs as malware.

This is a really easy problem to solve.

on Mar 25, 2017

I've changed my PUP settings until they fix it. Wasn't hard to figure out