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Published on July 30, 2018 By Uvah In Personal Computing

Its bad enough Win 10 gets screwed up with these 'updates' all the time. Now MS in its infinite stupidity is gonna take our desktops away. Add another bill to your collection folks 'cause MS wants to go full on subscription for Windows. If I want to rent a machine I'll go to Rent-A-Center. I shouldn't have to pay rent on the OS that makes it work too. That's just insane! 

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on Aug 09, 2018

Imagine (me repeating me). Stardock has created amazing programs that millions of people world wide use. Stardock took their time and adapted their proggies to Win 10 and for the most part it has been a success. Now, Stardock is also known for the games they have created. All that takes a world of talent. That's a fact. Twenty years of experience, a good portion of Windows lifetime, creating something that caters to not a select few but across the board. With all that good stuff SD could (should?) step up and show what's his name how its done. At least we'd have an OS that is reliable, endlessly flexible and, most importantly, very user friendly. But that's just me. 

on Aug 09, 2018


There ya go, thinking like Satya Nadella and entertaining the prospect of Windows as a subscription service. Thing is, we have various tech writers giving their opinions as to why Win 10 will become a subscription service, and others as to why not, and that, to a large extent confuses and clouds the issue.

I haven't used my MacMini in a while due to other stuff going on, but I plan to set it up later today to have a look at the Ubar app that Anotherside linked to.  It looks very interesting indeed.  However, Apple itself, not could, but should develop apps to allow its users to customise their desktops easily and quickly.... and with a trillion in the bank, Apple could well afford to make those apps free... or at least VERY inexpensive.



Sometimes I play the devil's advocate... I think we are on the same page, it's just the time-frame that differs. I don't believe we'll see Windows as a consumer subscription within ten years. It's important to understand that Microsoft wants as many as possible to use Windows 10. If people ditch Windows 10 because they can't afford it then that's a huge failure for Microsoft.

If you try the Ubar program it would be interesting to know what you think. I have used docks and they are pretty, but for "getting things done" I prefer a taskbar.


on Aug 27, 2018

I stick with run of the mill PCs. IMO they're more versatile and a lot more forgiving. They have a wider range of hardware and software that are not proprietary like Apple's. Not to mention cheaper. That I can do, Apple, not so much.

Not true. Apple has many available hardware upgrades if however, one is willing to spend the money on them. And yes, upgrading a Mac is more difficult than a PC. Take my word on that, been there done that. There are tons and tons of software available for a Mac. People seem to have this notion that nothing is available for a Mac. I find tons of things for graphic design and making music. Fits my needs perfectly. 

However, what you will not find is tons of games and skinnable applications. That I will admit Mac is lacking. Mac is a totally different breed of computer and meant for different things. Most Windows users don't get what a Mac is all about. 

I guess which is why I bug WC so much about the ability to skin macOS. Although, I have been told that is not going to happen. It was worth a try anyway. 

on Aug 27, 2018

Quoting starkers,

So MS is still pushing Win 10 via nags and etc at Win 7/Win 8 users?

I have zero nags or reminders.  I'm happily oblivious to all on my prime system still running MS's best OS [7].

It's likely to be a cold day in hell before this one goes to 10 ...

The proggy I used was "Never 10" which clearly worked.

Along with those win 7 'updates' [about 4 of them] that were permanently 'hidden'.

I don't get anything like a 'reminder' to upgrade/whatever .... just the 'usual' Win 7 updates as expected.

If/when 7 is no longer getting security updates I'm sure that best-practices will keep me secure enough anyway.

I have other machines I can use if I want to 'enjoy' the pain that is win 10 ...

So my question is, how do you not get these update notifications and such and everyone else does? Understanding what you posted, what about others? Just curious?


on Sep 04, 2018

The struggle to hide identities from some stupid agency is harder than I thought.

on Sep 04, 2018


The struggle to hide identities from some stupid agency is harder than I thought.

And what's worse is that so many [gov't and non-gov't] are looking into your personal information.... even when they say they don't... or trade/give it to other agencies [gov't and non-gov't]

There is NO such thing as anonymity or privacy on the internet... even when they say they respect your privacy and/or anonymity.  The main aim of online companies, bar a few, is to beg, borrow AND steal whatever to make a profit.... entitled to it or not.  In most cases, because the identities used to beg, borrow and steal are NOT theirs, they're NOT entitled, just financially and legally more powerful.