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Published on March 14, 2019 By Uvah In Life, the Universe and Everything

An update on me. Just got back from seeing my cancer doc. Mine is stage 3b adenocarcinoma. Non small cell lung cancer and I'm going to be treated systemically (I think that's what it's called) with Keytruda. My doctor says the markers needed are there, which is a good thing. However being that it is stage 3 it won't go away forever and I'll have to deal with it as is. I'm going to be getting a port installed (good choice of words?) beneath my right shoulder simply because it'll be easier than sticking a needle in my arm every time they need a sample or to inject medication. Hence my reference to Borg because I feel like one. My doctor also wants a CT scan to have a look inside mine head. Why I dunno because I told him there ain't much there, if anything, to see but he insisted. Fortunately my adopted daughter Jessie has taken control over the whole shebang because I doubt I'd be able to follow half of what all those doctors I've seen had to say. Tell you that girl is worth her weight in gold. She is so meticulous and keeps track of every little detail. So this is where I'm at. It remains to be seen how long it all lasts. But I are positive and don't intend to stress it, that will only make things worse. So first a pacemaker then a port. What could come next? Peanut gallery comments welcome.

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on Jun 09, 2019

Very sorry to see the latest update, Ross.

You're taking these news very bravely, as I figured you would. Hope you (and the rest of us, as well), enjoy every second of the time remaining to us all. 

on Jun 12, 2019

sorry to hear about your prognosis. don't forget to upload your consciousness to the stardock servers, whether brad wants it or not.

on Jun 12, 2019


don't forget to upload your consciousness to the stardock servers, whether brad wants it or not

Wouldn't that be something......the gremlins wouldn't dare come back. My weirdness would drive them bonkers.   

on Jun 20, 2019

So here's another update on me. Not too shabby a one this time. Starts out kinda morbid though . Lol

On June third went to Chester County for my seventh radiation treatment. turned out to not be such a comfortable one. Had a difficult time of it. My oncologist Dr. Klonski saw me on the fourth for what was to be my eighth and was none too pleased with the way I looked. He ordered his nurse to take me directly to the ER and from the to the Critical Care Unit. I was until Sunday morning at four am when they decided to transfer me to HUP (Hospital at the University of Pennsylvania). It make CCH look like a playpen. HUGE! Went NPO, no food no drink for little more than thirty six hours waiting on another brochoscopy, one that failed at CCH which prompted the transfer. It was thought a stent would work but was quickly ruled out. So a partial solution. Instead of the remaining five radiation treatment one final big push they called it, one high dosage lastting five minutes then that would be the last of them. The rest is medication to insure my breathing and getting regular treatments every four hours with a duoneb, sodium chloride, Lorazepam   to sleep, oxycordone for pain from coughing too much, plus a steady diet if you will of prednizone, the leading culprit behind all this nonsense. All my doctors agreed that it the up and down dosages of the predizone that was causing the issues. Now that I'm back home, five times in the hospital alone this year is five times too many IMO, I now have more or less under control. I got a hospice team now, my daughter who literally went out of her way to do shit plus a better understanding of this whole damn thing. All I know now is that the comfort level is a good del better than it was. I'm home with family and people I love my cats and whose got it better than that. Stayed tuned for more silliness.   


on Jul 01, 2019

More updates, man.  Need updates.

on Jul 01, 2019

Hospice people are wonderful and so is your daughter. And so are cats!  *hugs* and prayers Ross.    

on Jul 04, 2019

happy 4th of july. apparently they are rolling out the tanks for you.

on Jul 04, 2019

Only to see how much of a fool he can make of himself not to mention the pride of those who served, including my brother. Semper Fi 

on Jul 04, 2019

forget him. it's all for you.

on Jul 04, 2019

I'm on a cruise to Iceland and Norway, and I post this in hopes it will give you a chuckle.

In Iceland, in a town south of Reykjavik, I saw a sign for a Hotel Borg.

And in Norway, at a Viking Museum, the display said that the Viking who established the first permanent colony in Iceland left Norway from a settlement named Borg.

on Jul 04, 2019

First Contact happens in such strange ways. Go figure.    

on Jul 05, 2019
never heard of Björn Borg? something about underpants
on Jul 06, 2019

and tennis rackets...i think.

on Jul 06, 2019

John McEnroe broke them all.

on Jul 07, 2019

Take care of yourself, Uvah.

With my whole heart, I mean that.

Your tenacity, strength, and determination knows no bounds.

You've got this.

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