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Published on March 12, 2017 By Uvah In OS Customization

While working on my Steampunk wall I wanted a complete Steampunk theme on my screen. So I downloaded Kitty's icon pack and cursor. I'm running the cursor now but CursorFX will not open when I click on either the shortcut or the exe in the folder. Same thing with IconPackager. With that I clicked on the .ip and nothing happened. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

on Mar 12, 2017

This sounds like they did not activate.

on Mar 12, 2017

Hadn't thought of that. I'll do an uninstall and reinstall and see what happens.

EDIT: Apparently the last update to Win10 borked both apps. I haven't used either one in a while so didn't notice until now. Uninstalled and reinstalled both and a reboot. When I installed the iconpack all went well. I applied it and it took a while. Then my wallpaper and taskbar vanished. Pressing the win key brought up Win10's screen capture. How that happened is beyond me. CTR-ALT-DELETE, sign out then back in again. solved that. I'm not calling this solved yet for the above reason.