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Published on January 24, 2018 By Uvah In Everything Else

I saw this and was reminded of the time people drilled holes in their smartphones to install a headphone jack. Where are his brains?   

on Jan 24, 2018

I hate it when that happens.

on Jan 24, 2018

Well, considering the fact that about 80% of the human race are idiots, no surprise here.

on Jan 24, 2018

Just Eat It!

on Jan 24, 2018

Well I guess since it exploded it's real (?) - not that the battery is worth much now   

Reminds me of (all true, and I know them all) :

The person who thoroughly melted a standard little plastic fork into the pan while trying to use it to fry bacon.

The person who cleaned up his still-hot barbecue coals by dumping them into a paper bag.

The person who thought an interior gas connection might be leaking so she tested it with a lit match (fortunately there was no leak).  (Same person as plastic fork and bacon story, she really needs a keeper.)