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Published on November 29, 2017 By Uvah In Community

I'm sorry, but sometimes I just gotta get things off my chest. So I'm gonna rant.

Ever since this todo with Weinstein or whatever his name is, all those allegations of improper behavior has IMO spiraled out of control. I got the new charger for my laptop and opening Chrome with Bing as my new search engine, I saw that Matt Lauer got fired from NBC for the same reason. What the hell does that say for our culture? Two dudes in Thailand bared their butts in front of a Holy Site and were promptly arrested by Thailand police. Now they want US help to get them out of it. (Since then I saw another article saying they were only fined). Such disrespect was unheard of when I was growing up. 

In Brooklyn during the late fifties and sixties my neighborhood was as diverse as it gets. Jewish, Latino, Italian, African Americans. It ran the gamut. I had an uncle whose name was Walter. Not my real uncle but my dad's best friend. He was an African American and I looked up to him. Point being there was respect across the board. We didn't make exceptions. It didn't matter who you were or where you came from or what faith you followed, you were just another person. 

This world has gone to shit and I hate like hell to imagine what our children will inherit. Rant over.  

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on Dec 03, 2017



Ross, you have it correct.  Respect.... respecting others no matter who they are, the color, religion, political party, etc. 



on Dec 03, 2017

Fake news or alternative facts. If facts represent truth then how in the hell can it be otherwise?

Fake news (fka propaganda) - made up garbage presented as news to manipulate the masses.  You know the type of stuff I'm talking about, it's generated for the most part by people who are not accountable.  Mainstream media is accountable for what they produce.  That doesn't mean they don't screw up sometimes, I just read a story today about an ABC guy who screwed up, but they are held to the truth.

"Alternative Facts" - a phrase made up by someone who was doing a little dance in front of the cameras.  Enough people thought is was clever that it has unfortunately caught on.  I'm sure it will go down in history as a pathetic indicator of this period.

Fear not Ross, facts are still facts and lies are still lies.

Personally though, I've given up on one of the all-time debates: Are eggs good for you or not?  "They are" "They're not" ... and on and on.  Seriously I've given up on it.  I kind of like eggs so I eat them sometimes   

on Dec 03, 2017

It reminds me of which came first, the chicken or the egg. A nonsense question because you can't have one without the other. Its the same with people. Prejudice,  bigotry, racism...we're not born with them ingrained. They are 'taught' in one form or another. Whether or not it comes from a parent or some one else is immaterial. There can be no superior entity. Take away all the titles, ranks etc and all you have left is a person. No different and no better than the next, all are equal. Its a damn shame some are totally ignorant of that reality. Completely blind to the FACT that we are a diverse culture created by those who came here for a better life. What better life?  

on Dec 03, 2017

Well there are a lot worse places to be, don't really have to look too hard to find them.  We do have our warts though.

Odd thing about humanity, and this is not a new idea: One of the easiest ways to unite a group of people is to turn them against another group of people.  Likewise, one of the easiest ways to weaken a large group of people is to break them into smaller groups and turn them against each other.  In either case, half the time they don't even realize that's what you're doing to them, much like the "boiling a toad by starting it in cold water" technique.  It's always good to keep an eye on the temperature - the "factual" temperature, not the "relative" one.

on Dec 03, 2017


We do have our warts though.

Who Doesn't?  There's not a nation on Earth without warts.... and a few skeletons in the closet... under the bed.... in banks and parliaments.... in discarded suitcases.


on Dec 03, 2017

Can't see the forest for the trees: this expression means that if you look at things one at a time, you might not realize that a branch of separate "trees" go together to make a "forest. If we focus on this subject alone, that is precisely what we are doing.

What is currently happening is a LOT more scarier than that, and if people don't wake up in time to see the big picture we are in for some very troublesome times. Remember that 'rich vs. poor' or 'bourgeoisie vs. proletariat' ideology that has been tried in several countries by different people in the last 100 years, has failed EVERY SINGLE TIME and is alone responsible for the death of over 60 million people worldwide, killed by their own governments (11 million in the ex-USSR and 45 million in China alone)?

Very well, now replace 'rich vs. poor' with 'victim vs. oppressor' and you will understand *exactly* what is going on in several areas of our western society.

In the old USSR, a single complaint - even if false, e.g.; motivated by, oh, one of the 12 people living in the same crowded state conceded apartment as you wanting more room for themselves - to the KGB would be enough to get you and your family deported to the Gulag in the middle of the night, no matter how loyal to the party you actually were. No proof needed.

Rings a bell?

I suggest you guys go to Youtube, search for Jordan B. Peterson and watch as many videos of him as you can. He's a Canadian university teacher and psychology professor, one of the most reasonable and intelligent human beings I ever had the privilege of listening to. He talks about this and many other related things. He had the courage to, alone, put his job - and his life - on the line to try and stop the Canadian Bill C-16 from being passed on the Canadian Senate. This is a law that will FORCE you, under penalty of prison, to address transgender women and men by the pronoun/gender identity of THEIR choice, even if you don't agree with that. And it gets worse, because that pronoun can be anything they just made up like zie, zim, zir, zis, zieself, tey, ter, tem, terself, etc... No, I am not kidding.

To understand how utterly insane it is that something like this can actually pass into a law, and how unthinkable it would be just a handful of years ago, imagine me, being white, claiming never-the-less that I'm black and sending YOU to prison if you refuse to acknowledge my claim and address me as such.

How did things get to be this insane? Remember:The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

on Dec 04, 2017


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

We have a serious shortage of good men and women in this country. And judging by the present state of affairs I think they all got canceled due to lack of interest. Having the good guys in charge is hardly exciting......right.     

on Dec 04, 2017

Having the good guys in charge is hardly exciting......right.

That just doesn't happen anymore.... good guys in charge.  Sadly, corruption and graft is the norm nowadays, and the only thing to change it will be another world war or anarchy.... anything else will fail because power and money talks.

For mine, I'd shoot the richest of the rich because they all have something to hide and be ashamed of.  As for the rest, I'd lock the bastards up for those crimes known and unknown that they got away with.  There'd be no buying high priced lawyers or judges under my watch.... the rich would all endure the appropriate penalties and hang if proven guilty.

on Dec 09, 2017

Just wondering.... is this inappropriate behaviour... see below clip.

BTW: The Divinyls were one of the greatest Aussie bands ever.  I saw them live in 1986 and was totally rapt in their performance.  Sadly, Chrissie Amphlett, the lead singer, was taken from us way too early when she died at age 53 in her New York home in 2013 of breast cancer.  She also battled MS.

on Dec 09, 2017


Just wondering

Hadn't heard that one for awhile, nice little trip down memory lane.

Seems appropriate to me, I won't be filing any complaints.  I see less "appropriate" - and less "interesting" - behavior during any prime-time televised music awards show...

on Dec 09, 2017


Quoting Iben,

You are at a night club with a band and a woman buys you a drink

and asks you to dance. You dance with her. After the set see asks

if you want to go out back for some fresh air. You say yes because

it is loud and you want to talk to her. When you get out back

there is no one there and she takes her shirt off with nothing

underneath and says she's married.

Is that inappropriate behavior?


You are at a night club dancing and a woman you don't know

comes over and shoves a dollar down your pants.

Is that inappropriate behavior?


You are at a night club with a band and a couple walk in.

Some how you end up talking to the guy about football.

They leave and 45 minutes later she comes back alone

and picks you up and takes you back to your place.

Is that inappropriate behavior?


Your room mates girl friend stops by unannounced looking

for him. You let her in so she can wait a while and see if he shows up.

Once in side she comes over and pulls your pants down and 

your mind is blown.

Is that inappropriate behavior?


You are at a gas station and a woman you don't know comes over and starts

talking to you. You say no and walk to your car and try to escape.

As you wait to pull into traffic she followed you on foot though

a parking lot and is standing behind your car smoking a cigarette.

Is that inappropriate behavior?


If you don't believe this you are in denial and should see a psychiatrist.


Yes, every one of those is inappropriate behavior. All of them.

And if in doubt about those, just ask your wife.  

on Dec 09, 2017


Hadn't heard that one for awhile, nice little trip down memory lane.

Yeah, with all the celebrities accused of touching/groping, I just wondered if Chrissie Amphlett, a celebrity no less, touching herself fell into that category.


Nah, not really, I had been listening to 'I Touch Myself' and needed an excuse to share it with other WCers


And if in doubt about those, just ask your wife

Yeah, right!  Too many wives, having to prepare more meat these days for meals, are more than capable with meat cleavers and other utensils designed to slice 'things' off.  Nope, I think I'd disregard all such temptations and talk about the weather when I got home.

Yes, weather talk is most often boring as bat shit, but it's a whole lot safer than politics, religion and mentioning encounters with sexy women offering their goodies while yer out.  Seriously, she's going to believe that you succumbed to temptation, so it's better... easier to say: "Look, love, this woman showed me her boobs today, and not only did I look, when she invited me I touched 'em as well.  Please forgive me."

That has the be a better option to: "You lying sack of excrement, you cant tell me you didn't do....." blah blah, and get the 3rd degree all night... for the next week or three.

Luckily, in such cases, I'm not married any more.  I may live with my ex-wife, but she's not the boss of me.


on Dec 09, 2017

We should keep a count of how many heads roll between now and 2020. Been a half dozen so far.

on Dec 09, 2017

We should keep a count

Nah, not for me.  It'd be like counting how many times I could tap myself in the head with a hammer - by the time I got done I'd be left with nothing but a collection of sore spots and a headache.   

on Dec 09, 2017

We should keep a count of how many heads roll between now and 2020. Been a half dozen so far.

I don't care to count how many heads will roll, it won't be enough IMHO.  Apart from the sexual abuse, etc, there's a nasty culture in Hollywood and TV-land that sees the rich and powerful getting away with all sorts of corruption and other serious crimes.... all of it hushed up by paid minders and bribery.

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